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Introducing the NC State Philanthropy Podcast

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NC State is proud of its land-grant roots, but being a public university doesn’t mean our only funding comes from the state of North Carolina. It takes the commitment of our entire Pack to help us create dynamic new approaches to teaching and learning, fuel industries and breakthroughs, and guide our students to impactful post-graduate lives.

Now, we’re bringing donors, scholarship recipients, faculty members and more to the airwaves so they can tell you their own stories, complete with the kind of inspirational details that can only occur at NC State. Join development writer Taylor Pardue as he welcomes guests from all across campus — and beyond — to discuss what philanthropy has enabled them to think and do. You’ll hear how private support helped us complete our Memorial Belltower after a century in the making, how scholarship programs are empowering our students to achieve their boldest dreams, how our faculty members are helping people in North Carolina and beyond via privately supported research, and much, much more.

Listen to the trailer here via Spotify, or visit the Apple podcast store, the Google podcast store, Stitcher, or Podbean.

Visit the Apple and Google podcast stores, Spotify, and Stitcher to hear more, and be sure to subscribe to the NC State Philanthropy Podcast to receive new episodes as soon as they’re released. You can also visit our podcast webpage at Podbean for direct downloads. However you listen, please leave us a comment and rating to let us know how we’re doing!