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Meet Feed the Pack Outreach Coordinator Keya Pothireddy

Keya Pothireddy does the wolfie
Keya Pothireddy '23

Located in the Honors and Scholars Village Commons, Feed the Pack is NC State’s food pantry. Since 2012, Feed the Pack has worked to reduce food insecurity and eliminate its stigma by helping meet the needs of the Wolfpack community with dignity and respect. The pantry is led by a student leadership team, including Park Scholar Keya Pothireddy, who shared why Feed the Pack is an important part of NC State while preparing for the Pantry Bowl.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Keya Pothireddy. I’m an economics major in the class of 2023, and I’m the outreach coordinator for Feed the Pack.

Why is Feed the Pack important?
Feed the Pack is important because we work to reduce the stigma and raise awareness for food insecurity. A 2021 study found that 23% of NC State student respondents have experienced food insecurity at some point this year. Feed the Pack works to address that need and meet the basic needs of the students, staff and faculty on this campus.

What inspired you to get involved?
I’ve been an advocate of combating food insecurity since before I got to NC State. So when I got here and found out about Feed the Pack, it felt like a natural place to get involved.

Why is donor support important?
Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to have a team of dedicated staff members working to end food insecurity on this campus. In 2020, we had over 8,000 visits to the pantry and we’re on track to have even more this year, so your help is needed more than ever.

The pantry helps our patrons gain access to fresh, nutritionally diverse food. And because of our community partnerships, monetary donations help us purchase more than we could previously, allowing us to serve our patrons with their basic needs with dignity.

What would you like donors to know about supporting Feed the Pack?
I’ve seen the impact donors can have as the pantry has grown over the last few years. Every dollar helps combat the issue of food insecurity in the NC State community. You’re helping to support a student’s journey to live a happy, healthy life. It’s heartwarming to see the Wolfpack unite under this common cause.

You can make an immediate difference by supporting Feed the Pack in the Pantry Bowl.

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