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Campaign Cabinet Volunteer Spotlight: Judi Grainger

Judi Grainger

Judi Grainger, a 2015 recipient of the Watauga Medal, supports NC State’s Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign as a Cabinet volunteer and serves on the Board of Visitors, College of Veterinary Medicine Foundation Board and the Alumni Association. Learn more about Judi’s philanthropic philosophy in the following Q&A.

What’s most extraordinary about the college, unit or program that you represent on the Campaign Cabinet? Why is philanthropy important to it and how do private funds make a difference?

The Alumni Association is, perhaps, the most powerful network at NC State. We provide outreach and engagement across the state, nation and world through numerous events, activities, community service, NC State magazine and support of the Caldwell Fellows program. Support for the Alumni Association will ensure the continuation of engagement and philanthropy among our alums as we build the next generation of leaders.

Why do you give to NC State? 

Giving back helps provide scholarships to students and also supports university projects and endeavors. We all benefit from philanthropy to NC State, because our great university affects society in ways too numerous to mention and engages in research that saves lives. Generosity to NC State has an impact.

What would you say to encourage someone to become more engaged in NC State’s culture of philanthropy?

Philanthropy provides so many opportunities, it tackles so many needs and it enriches the lives of others. Choose what you are most passionate about at NC State and help make a difference. You never know how far a dollar might go, and no gift is too small. Giving back reminds us all how lucky we are.