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Extraordinary Difference: Dewayne and Adama Washington

Dewayne and Adama Washington smiling at each other in front of the N.C. State logo.

On Dec. 31, 2021, NC State’s five-year Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign came to an incredibly successful close. Alumni, friends, employees and more helped propel the university well past its goal of $1.6 billion for a grand total of $2,103,932,120. These new funds will help drive NC State’s land-grant mission of creating economic, societal and intellectual prosperity for all, by both reaffirming its commitment to broad educational opportunity and powering its cutting-edge, hands-on innovation as North Carolina’s leading science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) university.

Adama and Dewayne Washington are some of the many Pack members who contributed to this historic fundraising effort. For the Washingtons, it was never a question of if they would give back to NC State but how. These Wolfpack alumni were instrumental leaders in the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign, working to help others follow in their dynamic footsteps on campus and beyond.

“Hopefully, there are gonna be a plethora of people who come after us and build upon some of the things that we’ve done,“ Dewayne said. “So, we just look at it as a great foundation.”

“We just planted a seed,” Adama added, “and then we’re gonna help water it. We’re gonna help water it, then other people are gonna help water it, and it’s just gonna grow to be something beautiful.”

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